NJEA Membership Categories/Dues

These rates are NJEA dues rates only. They do not include dues rates for NEA, the county association or the local association.

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What do I get for my dues?

NJEA understands our members want to get the most from their dues. That is why we work to provide you with the best member services in the nation. Here is an overview of how your dues dollars go to work for you:

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How to Join

NJEA membership is open to any individual who is employed in a public school or college.

To become an NJEA member:
  • Ask a colleague for the name of your association president, building rep, or membership chair.
  • One of these individuals will be able to provide you with details regarding the benefits of membership, as well as county and local dues obligations.
  • Or, simply call NJEA membership processing at (609)599-4561 for assistance in becoming a member of NJEA.