Rainbow Connection

LGBTQIA+ resources for members and students.

NJEA SOGI Committee shares LGBTQIA+ resources by age

The NJEA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee has compiled age-appropriate LGBTQIA+ resources for educators.

These resources were assembled by former and current members of NJEA’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee and have not all been screened by NJEA or other members of the committee. Websites, book editions, links etc. are subject to change at any time.

NJEA Review Columns

What NOT to Do 

By Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Kate Okeson   Has any mascot—bulldog, cougar or tiger—ever stood up for you in a terrifying moment in which you were being verbally, emotionally or

Rainbow Connection celebrates Black History Month!

An interview with Adjua Lafleur    By Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Kate Okeson   With seven years in education, currently teaching college preparatory biology at Washington Township High School, Adjua

Reflections on the Holocaust and poverty  

By Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Kate Okeson   International Holocaust Remembrance Day   With International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27, we have the sobering opportunity to reflect on political

NJEA Convention Glow-Up! 

By Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Kate Okeson   The LGBTQIA+ representation at the NJEA Convention made us PROUD! For starters, the first annual SOGI [Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee]

Indigenous People’s Month 

November is Indigenous People’s Month, so let’s talk about how participating in the learning around Indigenous peoples connects to inclusive and culturally responsive education.   Something you may have varying

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Kate Okeson  In our continuing commitment to an intersectional approach on LGBTQIA+ topics in education, we are drawing attention to people—whether students, colleagues or community members—who

Creating safer spaces

Amy Moran, Ph.D. with Kate Okeson  Welcome back y’all. We wanted to start off the school year with some thoughts on safe spaces and the creation of safe, safer, and

Rainbow Connection celebrates PRIDE

By Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Kate Okeson  Parades, protests, and prom  Highly coordinated, citywide LGBT Pride celebrations in major metropolitan centers around the globe serve to make a big splash