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Our pension systems are inequitable, fragmented and no longer provide incentive for newer educators to stay in the profession or for potential educators to join the profession in the first place. Even worse, in our female-dominated profession, women are disproportionately harmed by the inferior Tier 5 pension.

Why Pension Justice?

For generations, New Jersey educators have paid into pension systems that are supposed to help support them in retirement after a career in public education. But for too many NJEA members, especially those hired in 2011 or after, reaching full pension eligibility no longer seems possible because of draconian changes made by Ch. 78 during the Christie administration.

Today, nearly half of all NJEA members are in Tier 5 of TPAF or PERS and that number grows every year. Members in Tier 5 must work far longer for a lower total pension, with harsh penalties for retiring before age 65, even for those who have 25+ years in the pension system.

Still other members are excluded altogether from TPAF and PERS and are forced into a savings plan called DCRP that provides no guaranteed income in retirement and no access to post-retirement medical benefits.

As a justice-centered union, we must stand together to fight for pension justice for all members. For the sake of our students, our profession and our colleagues trapped in Tier 5 and DCRP, we must act now.

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