Coffee Cart Business Project- Expansion

In Camden County, educator Jennifer Zane was awarded a $2,503 continuation grant to expand the Coffee Cart Business Project at Pine Hill Middle School.

All proceeds that were earned from the original project have been reinvested in order to maintain inventory. The Coffee Cart will continue to supply coffee to staff members on Friday mornings, and will now take orders Monday-Thursday during certain periods throughout the day. The Coffee Cart will add cold beverages and prepackaged breakfast foods.

Students will become involved in planning and purchasing inventory for the Coffee Cart. Students will use online and paper ads to locate coffee cart items and coupons, and compare prices from different stores. After creating a shopping list based on monthly sales reports, students will make purchases at local grocery stores. The school district will provide bussing for the students to make their shopping trips.

With new inventory for the cart, students will learn how to stock shelves. Students will practice making change while they are filling orders each week by completing a form for the amount owed, amount given, and change needed.

Students will learn how to create and read a work schedule, and create a budget based on earnings from the coffee cart. Students will use Google Sheets to create and compare monthly order charts, and keep track of customers’ orders. Payments are made at the time the order is placed and students will tally the items in each order to create a sales report. Students will use data from the tally sheets to create a month-long sales graph. Based on the data collected from the tally sheets, students will create shopping lists to restock inventory.

Effectiveness of this project will be assessed using student productivity, customer surveys, and task checklists.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Zane, Project Coordinator
(856) 210-0200 (school)