In close election, NJEA members make the difference as students get a win

New Jersey voters delivered a decisive win for public education by reelecting Gov. Phil Murphy and choosing a strong pro-public education majority in the New Jersey Legislature. In Gov. Murphy’s first term he was a staunch advocate for students, families and public schools and his second-term agenda promises to build on that foundation. NJEA was among the first organizations to endorse him both for his initial run and in his reelection race, and NJEA members worked tirelessly to get voters to the polls to ensure his second term.

New Jersey voters further stood with students tonight by choosing a strong pro-public education majority in the New Jersey Legislature.  

New Jersey is one of only two states, including Virginia, that conducted a full statewide election this fall.  While some results are not yet in, it is clear that many pro-public education Democrats and pro-public education Republicans endorsed by NJEA were elected, ensuring New Jersey’s students have advocates on both sides of the aisle.

With Murphy in the governor’s office and supporters in the majority and minority parties in the Statehouse, New Jersey is poised to continue on its path to building a stronger, fairer state for all residents.

NJEA’s officers expressed optimism following the clear verdict delivered by New Jersey’s voters.

“New Jersey voted for progress,” said NJEA President Sean M. Spiller. “A clear majority of the state recognizes that Gov. Murphy and the Legislature have done an excellent job of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic by working to protect our residents and support our schools, while keeping the state’s economy strong. Whether it be education, public health, or the economy, residents see what has been accomplished in the last four years and trust Gov. Murphy to keep our state on an upward trajectory for the next four years.”

“This is a big win for students and public schools,” added NJEA Vice President Steve Beatty. “Gov. Murphy has been a great ally of public education because he believes that our work is foundational to New Jersey’s future success. Our schools have been rated #1 in the nation for the last three years and tonight’s result will allow us to build on that success.”

“This is also a win for New Jersey’s families,” said NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Petal Robertson. “Gov. Murphy cares about children when they go to school, but he also cares about the communities and homes they return to in the afternoon. From his commitment to tax fairness to his work to raise the minimum wage to his advocacy for paid family leave, he has been a champion for working people. Now, working families can rest assured that their priorities will remain New Jersey’s priorities for the next four years.”