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This classroom economy program will prepare Durban Avenue Elementary School students to be successful in today’s rapidly changing and highly interdependent society. Thanks to a $4,615 Hipp grant awarded to Hopatcong educators Kristine Mendyk, Carolyn Moschella and Allyson McConnell, students’ career potential will be developed.

An integrated, and consequently, more relevant curriculum will immerse students, both regular and special education, in a fully functioning classroom economy that is similar to the town’s economy.

Students will take field trips to local businesses to learn the job descriptions, requirements and roles the businesses play in the community. Students will complete a write-up upon return to school. Some local professionals will visit the classroom to explain their roles. These well-rounded professionals will be comprised of various races, genders, and culture in order to demonstrate that everyone is capable of becoming successful members of the community.

Students receive classroom lessons on the economy and will be provided with materials to consider a job or profession they would like. They will complete a job application and interview. Students will be awarded jobs and begin their classroom economy. Students earn debits and credits which can be spent at the school store.

As a culminating activity, a block party will be held for the classes, parents and community members involved in the project.

For further information, contact:

Kristine Mendyk
(973) 398-8805 (Durban Avenue Elementary School)