NJEA honors veterans

NJEA joins Americans across the country to honor veterans, their contributions, and their sacrifices. Veterans make up an important part of our membership, and NJEA has advocated for their rights for decades.

In 2017, NJEA created the Patriots Alliance, a coalition of NJEA members who served in the Armed Forces and are now working in public education. The coalition now numbers more than 200 members. It helps to inform veterans of their rights and benefits under the law and advocate for their specific interests. In addition, they are available to speak at schools and provide valuable insight into careers in the military. Learn more about the NJEA Patriots Alliance.

Classroom Closeup, NJ, NJEA’s Emmy Award winning docuseries chronicling the great things happening in New Jersey’s public schools, has featured stories on numerous veterans and Veterans Day events. This episode featured Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Harvey L. Craig, Army Instructor, Irvington High School & 2016-17 Essex County Teacher of the Year.

To view more episodes featuring veterans, go to Classroom Closeup’s website and search “Veterans.”