NJEA’s Position on Public Charters

NJEA supports high-quality public charter schools as one component of an innovative, progressive system of public eduction. While no single school model can provide all the answers to the challenges faced by our public schools, public charter schools, along with magnet schools, vocational schools and traditional public schools can all play an important role as laboratories for innovation and provide a broad array of choices for parents. It is critical that successful schools of all types share their successes so that other students can benefit from the best practices in all of New Jersey’s public schools.

NJEA’s Mission Statement

The mission of the New Jersey Education Association is to advance and protect the rights, benefits and interests of members, and to promote a quality system of public education for all students.

NJEA Public Charter School Members Work Group Mission Statement

The mission of the NJEA Public Charter School Members Work Group is to end the climate of isolation that exists in both NJEA affiliated and non-affiliated public charter schools. The work group seeks to organize New Jersey’s public charters into local unions affiliated with NJEA and engage members in all aspects and services of NJEA. The group also works to thwart the corporate charter school movement and to influence needed amendments to the state’s current charter school law.