On Nov. 25, the Penns Grove-Carneys Point Regional School Employees Association (PGCPRSEA) stood up for student, educator and community safety by rallying outside of Penns Grove Middle School. The educators wore masks and personal protective equipment (PPE), practiced social distancing, and held signs that read, “Our school is not safe.” The members wanted the community to be aware of the school district’s many problems that put students, staff, families and the community at risk. 

alerts the community to concerns over COVID-19 issues in the schools.

While there has been a wide array of problems in school districts across the state this fall, those issues facing the members of the PGCPRSEA are particularly egregious, including:

The district has let positive COVID-19 cases in the school go unreported to close contacts.

    The staff members have been threatened with discipline if they share that they have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

    The staff has been denied the ability to work from home when needed, which has led to instances of more than 60 students in virtual classes and the lack of important student services.

“Your presence here is so important because it means you will no longer stand by as we watch our school district engage in dangerous behaviors,” said PGCPRSEA President Amy Tighe. “Our students, our community, and we deserve better. There can be no greater priority to a school district than student and staff safety. Sadly, our district has failed us and, even worse, they’ve failed our students.”

The PGCPRSEA called for the Penns Grove-Carney’s Point Regional School District to shift to an all-remote learning environment until the number of cases in the community decreases, and the district addresses its many misguided policies.

“Here in Penns Grove-Carney Point, it’s time to change course,” concluded Tighe. “We must do our part to prevent more unnecessary spread of this insidious virus. If the district refuses to act on behalf of student and staff welfare, then we must. We will keep fighting for the safety of the students who attend our schools even when the school district won’t. We’re taking a stand for student safety, and we will do whatever it takes.”

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