In 2015, 99 percent of students who were part of a focus group and completed a Rutgers designed “Climate and Culture” survey reported that they did not like the Luis Munoz Rivera Middle School’s physical environment. Thanks to a $3,781 Hipp grant, Trenton educator Rayna Culver plans to change that perception.

The grant funds will be used to improve Luis Munoz Rivera Middle School’s landscape, front entrance, and main entrance lobby. These improvements would not only change the school’s physical environment, it would also change the students’ and community’s perception of the school and rekindle the school’s proud legacy that began in the 1940s.

Volunteer committees composed of students, teachers, parents, neighbors, the local fire department, and a member of the school board or town council will reach out to individuals with expertise, i.e., artists and master gardeners. The committees will assess and plan beautification of each area, purchase materials, and establish a schedule for each project. Project photographs showing progress will be posted on the school website.

Committees will meet to evaluate each of the projects and develop a plan to maintain them.

For further information, contact:

Rayna Culver
(609) 656-4841, ext. 5491 (Luis Munoz Rivera Middle School)