Thanks to a $2,100 grant from the Hipp Foundation, educator Darrell DeTample will be able to help ninth- through 12th-grade students at Hunterdon Central Regional High School develop the skills necessary to more thoroughly understand issues that impact their community, country and world.

The project will incorporate the use of the Statecraft simulation, a website simulation on foreign policy, designed to prepare students to use technology in their personal and professional lives. The simulation was developed and incorporated at the college level through James Madison University. The course is designed using a project-based curriculum, with multiple activities tied directly to the use of technology based resources including Twitter/Facebook, audio-visual tools, mobile phones and GPS software, among others.

The Statecraft simulation creates real-world type issues and incorporates challenges facing nations today, such as the threat of terrorism, global warming, the spread of disease, and human rights concerns. Students take on leadership roles of countries and work within their own groups to make decisions on policy and on interaction with other countries. Additionally, teachers have the ability to alter the simulation by incorporating lessons and discussions directly from class as well as using events from the simulation to enhance class discussions.

Students take assessments built into the program and complete a written exam at the conclusion of the simulation. Student reflections and class discussions are also collected for assessment.

For additional information, contact:

Darrell DeTample
(908) 782-5727 (Hunterdon Central Reg. H.S.)
(908) 777-3587 (Home)

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