The AI-Enhanced Classroom – Redefining Teaching and Learning (online course)

This course, The AI-Enhanced Classroom: Redefining Teaching and Learning, is designed for teachers of all levels and subject areas, but also has relevance for anyone in the education community—including administrators, teaching assistants, and parents—who wishes to learn more about the use and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in educational settings. 

 This course is designed to provide an overview of the use of AI in education, exploring the benefits and challenges it presents for teachers and students. The course is divided into eight modules, with each module focusing on a particular aspect of AI in education. 

Offered by, this remote, asynchronous course is accredited through Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) with three optional graduate credits available. 

Course objectives include: 

  • Define and explain the basic concepts of AI and machine learning and analyze the impact of AI on education. 
  • Evaluate the use of AI in curriculum design, teaching, and learning, and design lesson plans and classroom assignments using AI tools. 
  • Analyze and evaluate the ways in which AI can streamline administrative tasks and improve grading and feedback. 
  • Critique and evaluate the ethical considerations of using AI in education and develop strategies to address issues of academic integrity and potential bias in AI systems. 
  • Analyze and reflect on the potential of AI to transform education and its ethical and social implications, and develop a plan for ongoing professional development to expand and deepen knowledge and skills related to the use of AI in education. 


With SNHU graduate credit: $549.89 

Without graduate credit: $149.99 is now accepting applications for this course on a rolling basis. Participants may register and begin at any time.  Those taking the course for graduate credit will receive transcripts from the SNHU term during which they complete the course.  

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