You and your union: NJEA Convention in Spanish

On Nov. 10 and 11, thousands of members will have access to workshops in their native language, Spanish. Every voice in our union matters and members’ voices must be empowered and heard. It is with that in mind that NJEA will be offering a Spanish speaking track during this year’s convention.

There will be four workshops offered in Spanish, another workshop focusing on learning disabilities in English language learners that will be hosted in English, and an exhibit by the New Jersey Hispanic Research and Information Center titled, “Edible History: How Latin American Food Changed the World.”

The Spanish language offerings are:

You & Your Union: How to Get Involved

This workshop will focus on members who have not attended union-sponsored events in their district. After this workshop, members will have a greater understanding of the benefits offered as well as ways to get involved and have their voices heard.

The Steps Toward Certification to Teach in NJ

This workshop will discuss opportunities available foreducational support professionals to become credentialedand how to apply for teacher certification at the New JerseyDepartment of Education (NJDOE). After this workshop,members will know the steps toward New Jersey teachercertification and how to have their college-level courseworkfrom other countries evaluated through the NJDOE inpreparation for New Jersey teacher licensure.

Technology Tools

This workshop will focus on NJEA’s technology toolsavailable to members. After this workshop memberswill be able to navigate the NJEA website to learn moreabout the benefits of membership, meetings, workshops,pension information, and much more.

Accessing Benefits for NJEA/NEA Members

This workshop is prerecorded and will be offered virtuallywith a live Q&A portion after. It will focus on learning moreabout the NJEA Members benefits program that NJEA/NEA offer and how members can access them.

The workshop below will be offered in English:

Learning Disabilities in English Language Learners Identification and Considerations

This workshop will be in English focusing on the needs of English language learners (ELL). After this workshop members will have a greater understanding of how to properly identify ELL students who may have a learning disability.

NJEA continues to create equitable spaces and this year’s convention illustrates that as the association hopes to engage members in their native language.

Please visit the registration table located on the second floor of the convention center.