Zen Zone: A Mindful Space

Warren County educator Heather Garcia and school counselor Hope Ranalli from Warren Hills Regional School District, were awarded a $4,750 grant to carry out a project at Warren Hill Middle School in Washington.  

The Zen Zone (named as an homage to a similar project at West Morris Central High School) will create a dedicated space in the school for activities such as yoga, mindfulness classes, meditation as an alternative to detention, and professional development for staff. Activities will contribute to support both students’ and staff’s overall physical, social, and emotional wellness.

Heather Garcia, a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor, and Hope Ranalli will collaborate with other counselors, child study team members, staff, and administration to implement the yoga club and mindfulness pop-up programs. Parents, the board of education, and businesses in the community have also expressed enthusiasm in supporting these initiatives.

Future plans for the program include a Family Wellness Night and yoga and mindfulness programs for parents and caregivers.

The project will be assessed through qualitative and quantitative data including tracking student grades, attendance and lateness, detentions and guidance visits, surveys, student feedback, and written and verbal reflections.

For more information, contact:

Heather Garcia, Project Coordinator
(908) 619-3789 (cell)

Hope Ranalli, Co Grant Writer
(908) 268-4259 (cell)