Sean M. Spiller


Sean M. Spiller, a high school science teacher in the Wayne public schools, is president of the New Jersey Education Association. Spiller was elected NJEA president in 2021, his term beginning on Sept. 1. Continue reading…

Steve Beatty

Vice President

Steve Beatty, a high school social studies teacher in the Bridgewater-Raritan school district, is vice president of the New Jersey Education Association.  Beatty was elected to his first two-year term effective September 1, 2021. Continue reading…

Petal Robertson


Petal Robertson, a high school English teacher in the Montclair School District, is secretary-treasurer of the New Jersey Education Association. Robertson was elected in April 2021, taking office on Sept. 1, 2021. Continue reading…

Executive Committee

The NJEA Executive Committee includes the three officers, plus one or more representatives elected from each county or equivalent unit of representation, based on membership enrollment. County and unit representatives serve for three-year terms, except as necessary to stagger terms of office. Weighted voting is utilized to reflect the one-person, one-vote principle. The committee meets monthly to conduct Association business.  Learn more >>

Delegate Assembly

The NJEA Delegate Assembly (DA) formulates Association policies.The DA includes 127 representatives proportionately elected from the counties for two-year terms. Each county is represented by its affiliated county association president plus one delegate for each 1 percent of the state total of active members of the Association. In addition, one delegate each represents retired, student, and administrative members who do not otherwise have the representation through normal channels. Learn more >>

Delegate Assembly Alternates

The NJEA Constitution provides for elected alternates for Delegate Assembly members. Members of the Delegate Assembly who cannot attend a meeting may designate an alternate from their county to act in their respective places. Alternates must bring written statements from the Delegate Assembly member whom they represent. Learn more >>

County Presidents and Offices

The county education associations, affiliates of NJEA, coordinate activities in political action, training, bargaining, and organizing with local associations, as well as social activities. They provide a vehicle for local associations to network within the county and coordinate activities with NJEA. The elected county association presidents serve on the policy-making NJEA Delegate Assembly. Learn more >>