Changing school districts? Salary guide placement is negotiable 

Did you know that placement on a salary guide is negotiable for members moving from one school district to another? 

According to Statute 18A: 29-9, “Whenever a person shall thereafter accept office, position, or employment as a member in any school district of this state, his initial place on the salary schedule shall be at such point as may be agreed upon by the member and the employing board of education.” 

In other words, if you are leaving School District A for School District B, you have the right to negotiate placement on your new salary guide with the board of education. Some locals have contract language to this effect. Some contracts may require the board to give full credit to an employee moving from one district to another while others may spell out limitations. 

If you are accepting employment in a different school district, you may want to contact the local president there before you agree on salary guide placement.