Character Traits A-Z: Student-Driven Alphabet Book for Peers

Mercer County educator Robyn Ivanisik from Hamilton Township School District, was awarded a $1,828 grant to carry out a project for Greenwood Elementary School in Hamilton.

Students will examine and read books by diverse and multicultural writers. A writer of a multicultural book will be invited to speak to students. Students will prepare by seeing a model of a completed page.

The fourth-grade students will become published authors by researching, creating, writing, and illustrating Character Traits A-Z. The school district has agreed to print the book at no cost. The book will reflect students’ diverse cultures and community. The book, once printed, will become a part of the third-grade Climate and Culture curriculum. Every third-grade student will receive a copy.

Student authors will reflect on their experience and write a narrative at the completion of the project.

Assessment will include student surveys, analysis of student work, anecdotal records, and examination of NJSLA scores.

For more information, contact:

Robyn Ivanisik, Project Coordinator
(609) 502-6711 (home)