Cub s Club

A $10,000 Hipp grant awarded to Lorie Jeskey and Dawn Marion of Montague School in Sussex County will fund Cub’s Club, a family literacy preschool program.

Each month, parents from both sessions of preschool are invited to attend a morning session and brunch. Students will participate in a special activity with one of the school’s special area teachers. During this time, parents will take part in an informational program provided by members of social service organizations and/or school representatives. The students will join their parents for brunch. They will perform a short skit/song and will receive a book to take home.

Through monthly book gifts and take-home materials associated with classroom instruction, students will increase their collection of reading materials to build a home library. Parents will also receive subscriptions to family/parenting magazine to add to the reading friendly environment of their homes. To further the home/school reading connection, an area of the classroom will be set up as a child-sized living room, complete with reading materials similar to those they have been given to take home in addition to an ever-changing selection of curriculum related books.

During the last month of the program, students will take a class trip to the county library. They will participate in a librarian-led story time and will be able to sign up for the library’s summer reading program.

Teachers involved in the program will attend a professional development conference to receive training to improve student and family literacy skills as well as improve school/parent relations.

An early childhood program will be created that has the potential to continue well into the future with the flexibility to adapt to families changing needs. Materials purchased with the grant are durable and can be used for a number of years. By collaborating with the local PTA, the potential exists for future/ongoing and perhaps increasing assistance from the PTA with orientation and monthly meetings. The collaborations with social service agencies are ongoing and expected to continue in future years as well.

For further information, contact:

Lorie Jeskey
(973) 293-7131, ext. 318 (Montague School)