Essex County Votech EA rallies for a fair contract

The Essex County Votech Education Association (ECVEA) successfully rallied educators to attend the district board meetingin March.

For months, the members of the ECVEA have continued to provide excellent services despite working without a new contract. They have been grappling with the loss of high-quality colleagues to better-paying opportunities elsewhere.

Despite mounting challenges, the ECVEA members remain steadfast in their unity, and are refusing to let their voices be drowned out.

At the March meeting, more than 40 ECVEA members made their grievances known, demanding respect for their dedication, hard work, and calling for the district to settle a fair contract.

With unwavering determination, Jessica Gonzalez, Timothy Cuccolo, Kim Ranges, Kevin Jagniatkowski, Christina Lopez-Cassano, Pablo Rodriguez, and Robert Funesti eloquently pleaded for respect and equitable treatment in the form of a new and fair contract.

Through their courageous advocacy, the members of the ECVEA have ensured their voices were heard in the boardroom.

The ECVEA is optimistic that this pivotal moment will herald meaningful change and a renewed respect for the educators who tirelessly serve the community. Together, they have underscored the power of solidarity and the importance of standing up for what is right.