Family Literacy Night – Bingo for Books

Warren County educator Lisa Buhl, from Washington Borough School District, was awarded a $1,579 grant for a project at Memorial School in Washington.

The purpose of the project is to bring students and parents/guardians together for a free interactive educational evening. Students will play Bingo games to win a book based on their reading level while also enjoying some one-on-one time with their parent or guardian. It will also be an effort to increase students’ reading skills which in turn promotes higher graduation rates which enhances the community as a whole.

Adults will discover strategies to utilize while reading with their child to improve reading fluency and comprehension, learn ways to find books based on their child’s reading level, and develop different ways to practice sight words.

Students will work together with an adult to pay Bingo, recognizing and locating single and double-digit numbers in columns and understand the importance of reading with an adult at home.

At the end of the evening, families will take home information packets and at least one book in which they can incorporate some of the strategies offered in the packet. Pictures will be taken throughout the evening demonstrating engagement of the students and the parents/guardians and celebrated thereafter. A virtual opportunity will be offered if Covid-19 restrictions do not permit in person gatherings. Overall, improved reading skills is the goal.

For more information, contact:

Lisa Buhl, Project Coordinator
908-689-0091 (School)