Following in the Footsteps of Heroes

In Bergen County, Jessie F. George Elementary School educators Jennifer Patterson and Debra A. Bruno were awarded an $845 Hipp grant for their anti-bullying project.

Activities will be geared toward monthly theme-based topics in which students actively participate to increase awareness of anti-bullying and empathy.

The Westwood Regional school students will be presented with a multi-sensory approach to research, learn, and assimilate information that is the focal point of respect, caring, and kindness. Activities will range from hands-on/artwork creations, paper and pencil worksheets to reinforce skill development, video streaming and use of technology to broaden awareness, and active social interaction to share and practice skills.

Project members will offer the district opportunities to share outcome data analysis and progress with other professionals and staff during regularly scheduled staff meetings and/or staff development days. A spring open house will be offered to the community-at-large so parents, administrators, and other stakeholders will share in the positive accomplishments of the students. The ultimate goal is to provide students and community members with an annual opportunity to promote acceptance, tolerance, and empathy to end bullying and foster kindness and caring.

Future goals are to expose each new class of fifth-grade students with the opportunity to participate in the Heroes project. It will serve as a means to make the transition to the middle school program smoother, increase sensitivity to the feelings of others, foster tolerance, treat each other with kindness and respect, and to make good choices in their lives.

For further information, contact:

Jennifer Patterson
(201) 664-3033, ext. 5119 (Jessie F. George Elementary School)