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NJEA Health & Safety Publications:

  • The NJEA Health and Safety Manual has an extensive section on organizing and developing a Health and Safety Committee (HSC), as well as instructions and checklists for walk-through inspections.
  • Organizing for Better Indoor Air Quality is an in-depth resource covering ventilation, mold and moisture, housekeeping and green cleaning, and temperature and humidity.

Check out this index to find NJEA Reporter articles, such as:

  • Forming a HSC: “Your best solution is a health and safety committee,” October 2012. There are a number of older articles on HSCs in the index under “Action and Winning.”
  • Laboratories: “Clean out Chemicals in the Summer: Proper Chem Disposal is the Key,” June 2006 and “Manage lab chemicals safely,” May 2013.
  • Offices: “Office equipment hazards,” November 2008.
  • Indoor air quality and ventilation: “Indoor air quality walk-through. Learn to inspect your school or work-site,” June 2007 and “Can you open doors and windows?” April 2013.
  • Lighting: “Old fluorescent fixtures pose risk,” June 2011.