PRIDE in Public Education is a campaign that shares the successes of New Jersey’s public schools while building community support and involvement.

PRIDE programs cover a variety of topics and areas, including combatting privatization, passing school budgets, addressing drug and alcohol issues in the community, and helping to keep teen drivers safe. For more information about PRIDE programs and how to use them to increase community awareness of the great things happening in our public schools, contact us below.


Has your local or county association participated in a community outreach activity that you’d like to share? Send a brief description and your best photo to proudmoments@njea.orgIf children are pictured—even in a public setting—you must provide proof that you have parental or guardian permission for NJEA to publish the photo. Use this photo release form  if you do not already have media release forms on file for pictured students.


PRIDE 2017-18: A new PRIDE grant submissions online portal will launch in early August 2017. PRIDE chairpersons and local presidents will receive an email when it is ready. In the meantime, use the 2016-17 PRIDE forms when planning your 2017-18 PRIDE program. You can later cut and paste your information from the outdated forms onto the online portal. As always, all PRIDE expenses must be approved in advance. Thank you for your patience and support of the PRIDE program.

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