Healing Library

Ocean County educator Bridgit Lapierre Valgenti from Jackson School District, was awarded a $3,210 grant to carry out a project at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Jackson.  

This will be a collaborative project involving the Community Leadership Class, Media Specialist, local public library, and the community to support the school’s Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. The Community Leadership class is a quarter-long class that eighth graders have for 45 days. Students will develop research skills and identify professionals both in and out of schools to learn more about mental health and healing.

Students will identify six mental health topics that affect middle school students. They will work with community members to create Healing Library Kits to provide students with resources and support. Kits will include, but not be limited to: self-help books, picture books, a young adult book dealing with the topic, an activity to help with the topic, local resources, website and articles, and an activity that provides a coping mechanism.

Students will create two kits on each topic – one for school and the second for the Public Library.

The project will be assessed using a student survey as well monitoring the circulation and student products.

For more information, contact:

Bridgit Lapierre Valgenti, Project Coordinator
(603) 661-0942 (home)