Is your membership record accurate?

Did you receive this edition of the NJEA Review in your own mailbox, or did your parents hand it to you after it arrived at their house? If you are not receiving emails from NJEA, the email address in your membership record may need to be updated.

In addition to the Review, all members receive NJEA elections ballots at the address on record, so it’s important to make sure your ballot will go to the correct address.

Fortunately, you can update your membership record from your own computer.

To update your membership information:

      •  Log onto using the PIN found on your membership card and your password. Your default password, unless you’ve changed it, is the last four digits of your Social Security number.

      •  If you can’t find your PIN, but you do receive emails from NJEA, use that email address in place of your PIN.

      •  Once you have successfully logged on, slide over to “My NJEA” and click on “Profile.”

      •  From there, replace any inaccurate information.

      •  Note that NJEA recently updated the sex and gender categories. You may wish to review these to reflect how you identify yourself.

      •  When you’re done, scroll to the bottom and click “Submit New Info.”

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