Join Preservice

When you become a member of NJEA Preservice, you get:

  • Free Admission to the NJEA Convention in Atlantic City (a $75 value).
  • Training and advice for student-teachers and new teachers—to help you survive that first year of teaching.
  • Invitation to a Student-Teacher Seminar for Education majors– workshops and free samples of teaching supplies (Normally $50 for non-members, registration is only $15 for Preservice members, to help cover meals and materials)
  • Free Liability Insurance protects you in the classroom while you’re doing your student teaching (Some limitations and conditions apply.)
  • Free subscription to a professional journal for student teachers.
  • You’ll qualify for the same shopping and service discounts enjoyed by working teachers.
  • Free access to NJEA’s library of Collective Bargaining Agreements so you can review a school district’s “employment contract” before you go on a job interview (PDF versions of these contracts are available after signing in to as a student member).
  • Membership helps pay for political action in Trenton and Washington D.C. to fight for better working conditions and benefits for teachers.
  • Joining NJEA also makes you a member of the National Education Association (NEA).
    NJEA has waived the $17 state dues for the 2022-23 membership year. For the $15 NEA dues, members will pay this amount at the time of enrollment/renewal with reimbursement provided by NJEA based on the schedule below:

    • Members enrolling/renewing between 8/1/22 and 12/31/22 will be reimbursed in January 2023
    • Members enrolling/renewing between 1/1/23 and 5/31/23 will be reimbursed in June 2023

Here are more important benefits of your Preservice membership:

  • Your own Leadership Conference: The annual NJEA Preservice Conference is planned and designed especially to assist students in developing their leadership qualities and skills.
  • Political Involvement: Preservice works for the betterment and the protection of the teaching profession.
  • NJEA Preservice-NEA Aspiring Educator on your resume: Preservice on your resume shows your concern about the teaching profession, even before you become a teacher.
  • NJEA and NEA special services programs for student members.

Sign in to NJEA Members Benefits to learn more.

  • Accidental Death Insurance Life Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Educational Liability Insurance
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Magazine Service
  • Contact Lens Discounts
  • The Buyer’s Edge

NEA Aspiring Educator

As a Preservice member, you enjoy the benefits of NEA Aspiring Educator Membership, and you have access to NEA’s vast resources. You’ll receive the annual Tomorrow’s Teachers magazine and the monthly NEA Today magazine to help you follow education trends.

On the NEA web site, you can access resources and links to other NEA student chapters.

Insurance & Benefits

The NEA Aspiring Educator Program provides insurance protection every time you step into a classroom. The NEA Educators Employment Liability Program offers you million-dollar insurance coverage. And through NEA Member Benefits you have access to consumer guides, discounts on car rentals, magazines, and more. For more, go to


If a former student member joins as an active (teacher or ESP) member, they qualify for a rebate from NEA for $20 for each year of student membership, up to four years. If the former student joins as a substitute member, they DO NOT qualify for the rebate.