Make the most of your NJEA member benefits

By Beth Buonsante 

There are so many benefits to NJEA membership—from contract negotiation and enforcement to world-class professional development and networking opportunities to the opportunity to advocate for your profession and your students.  

But there’s one benefit of membership that can help you save money every day, easily covering the cost of your members. The NJEA Member Benefits program offers members access to a variety of benefits and programs to enhance your life at work, at home, and on vacation. From discounts on travel and every day purchases to home mortgages and financial planning, we have the tools to help you save time and money.  

How to get started 

From buying a car to financing a home to legal and mental health services to daily discounts on coffee and monthly cellphone discounts, it pays to be an NJEA member. Here’s how to make the most of your membership.  

First, log in to the NJEA Member Benefits website. 

Go to

  1. Sign in with your PIN and password. (You’ll find your PIN on your NJEA membership card. Your PIN has six characters in a two letter-two number-two letter combination. If you can’t find your PIN, the email address NJEA has on file for you will work as your PIN. Your default password is the last four digits of your Social Security number until you change the password.) 
  2. Select “For Members.” 
  3. Click on “Access Your Member Benefits.” 
  4. Once you log in, scroll down to the Virtual Fair video for a quick tutorial.  
  5. In addition to your state level benefits, you also have access to thousands of national level benefits. To check out your NEA Member Benefits discounts, log into the NEA Member Benefits website. 
  6. Go to 
  7. Click “Register Now.” 
  8. Enter your name, personal email address and create a password.  
  9. Complete the registration process with your address and date of birth and click “Create Account.” 
  10. Use your personal email address and the password you created to log in to future sessions.

Use NEA Discount Marketplace by Rakuten 

The NEA Discount Marketplace, powered by Rakuten, enables members to earn cash back when you shop and save on brand-name merchandise from more than 2,500 top retailers including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, Kohl’s, Ulta and much more. NEA members have access to exclusive members-only deals at  

Go to and browse the NEA Discount Marketplace. If you are a first-time user to the NEA Member Benefits website you will be asked to register an account to verify your NEA membership.  

Sign up for a Rakuten account through 

Earn cash back on qualifying purchases.  

Get paid via PayPal or by quarterly check.  

Discounted personal legal services 

Everyone needs a good lawyer at some point, and all NJEA members are entitled to receive two free 30-minute consultations per year, plus a 30% discount on personal legal services.  

You can save on routine legal services, including:  

  •    Buying a home. 
  •    Settling an estate. 
  •    Writing a will. 
  •    Drawing up a lease. 
  •    Settling consumer problems. 
  •    Resolving matrimonial matters. 
  •    Defense on traffic violations.  

For more information, call NJEA Headquarters at 609-599-4561 and choose Option 6 or visit  

Free, confidential member helpline 

All NJEA members have access to AID-NJEA. The AID-NJEA helpline provides free, comprehensive, and confidential support, phone counseling, as well as resource referrals on issues and problems related to your work and personal or family life.  

Active and retired members and/or member health clinicians are available to talk with you. This service is available to all NJEA Preservice, NJEA and NJREA members and their families.  

Call 866-243-6352 or email  

This free helpline is funded through our Sponsored Partner revenues provided by Prudential Insurance, NEA Member benefits and California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance.  

Who does NJEA partner with and why? 

NJEA Member Benefits is made up of Sponsored Partners and partners in our Member Discount program. NJEA Sponsored Partners are a handful of partners who offer very special products that are believed to be the best of the best. These are products and services that have broad-based appeal and provide superior quality and value. To the best of NJEA’s understanding, these products and services are worthy of sponsorship.  

These Sponsored Partners are: 

  • Educators Insurance Services/Prudential – Provides disability, critical illness, and group life insurance. 
  • California Casualty Auto & Home Insurance – Offers NEA/NJEA Sponsored auto and home insurance. 
  • Buyer’s Edge, Inc. – Delivers savings on major purchases, such as appliances, cars, furniture, kitchen cabinets, mortgage financing, and more. 
  • NEA Member Benefits – Administers your national membership benefits. 

The NJEA Member Discount Program is a courtesy listing of businesses that offer discounted services and products to our members. This includes more than 300 providers who are listed within the NJEA Member Benefits directory, which is available online and in a paper copy that is handed out at Member Benefits fairs, conferences and the NJEA Convention.  

The ACCESS/My Deals App is a service that NJEA pays for to provide members with discounts to thousands of nationwide businesses that can be found in a separate database and app.  

The Member Discount Program and the ACCESS Discount program are provided as a service to NJEA members and do not constitute an endorsement by NJEA or a representation regarding the product’s quality or characteristics.  

Stay informed of deals and resources 

Look for more information online at where you can find the NJEA Member Benefits Directory, highlighted partners and providers, new and upcoming deals, and opt into emails by scrolling down to the “Deals Newsletter.”  

You can follow NJEA Member Benefits on Facebook at NJEA Member Benefits and register for a monthly webinar at  

Finally, if you have a favorite business, invite them to join the NJEA Member Discount Program. Information is available at  

If you have a question, or can’t find what you are looking for, contact NJEA Member Benefits at 609-599-4561, ext. 2222. 

Beth Buonsante is an associate director in the NJEA Research and Economic Services Division. She specializes in the Member Benefits program. Buonsante can be reached at  

Become a Member Benefits Ambassador 

If you are interested in saving money and helping your peers do the same, your local association can assign you the role of Member Benefits Ambassador. Once assigned by your local president, you’ll be recorded as a Member Benefits Ambassador in NJEA’s membership database. As ambassador, you’ll receive emails detailing savings opportunities and event discounts that you can decide to share with your local’s members. 

For those who are interested, a training is provided during the annual Jack Bertolino Summer Leadership Conference to give you all the tools you need to inform members about the latest services and offers from NJEA and NEA Member Benefits! 

Contact your local association president to ask to be appointed as one of your local association’s Member Benefits Ambassadors. 

For additional questions, contact Beth Buonsante at