Membership Chairs: Use the Potential Member Reporting Form 

The Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act (WDEA), which became state law on May 18, 2018, requires boards of education to send local associations information about their respective members and potential members.  

Specifically, it requires public employers to provide—within 10 calendar days of hiring—the organization the following information about a new employee:  

  •  Name  
  •  Job title  
  •  Worksite location  
  •  Home address  
  •  Work telephone number  
  •  Date of hire  
  •  Work email address  
  •  Any personal email address and home and personal cellular telephone numbers on file with the public employer.  

Additionally, this information should be supplied to the association for all negotiation unit members every 120 days. Preferably September, January and June. Once processed by the NJEA Membership Division, local presidents and membership chairs will be able to reconcile their lists using the WDEA Recon Tool found in their Web Apps.  

In between WDEA lists, NJEA requests that each month you have new employees submit a Potential Member Reporting Form, with the appropriate information. This form will be used to help keep your membership and potential membership records up to date.