By Jessica Storch, FTEA Vice-President & Grade 5 ELA Teacher, Frankford Township School

Frankford Township Middle School teachers in Sussex County discovered a new way to create some fun for their students this Halloween, despite teaching without a contract and during a pandemic. Wigs, makeup, props, and even one eyebrow ring were all donned by this eclectic group as they dressed up as one another.

Students got involved in the festivities by playing a “Who’s Who This Halloween?” game on a Google Form, designed by food science teacher Katie Bennett. On the form, students entered guesses as to who each teacher was dressed as while looking through the photographs.

Students were overheard commenting, “I think Mrs. Curreri actually pierced her eyebrow like Mr. Faherty’s. That’s dedication!” And, “I had to look twice to be sure that wasn’t Mrs. Librizzi!”

Distinguished Scholar program teacher Liz Culmone dressed as Middle School Principal Amy Librizzi.

Science teacher Carrie Golden-Kerrick dressed as social studies teacher Matt Storch.

FTEA President and science teacher Kat Curreri dressed as social studies teacher Jonathan Faherty.

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