NJEA and allies: No private school vouchers in New Jersey

NJEA joined more than 50 other pro-education advocacy groups in a joint letter opposing a proposed voucher/tuition tax credit bill proposed in the New Jersey Legislature. Like all similar schemes across the nation, A-4144/S-3035 would funnel scarce public tax dollars into private school coffers, leaving already strapped public schools with even fewer resources to educate our students. It’s no secret how harmful vouchers/tuition tax credits have been in other states where they have been forced through. New Jersey doesn’t need the scandals and abuse that seem to follow when public tax dollars go to private schools that don’t have academic or fiscal accountability to the public.

New Jersey students deserve better than to see their opportunities taken way to subsidize unaccountable private schools. Vouchers and tuition tax credits have no place in New Jersey.

Please take a moment right now to contact Gov. Murphy and your legislators. Tell them to reject vouchers and tuition tax credits and instead invest public funds in the public schools that educate every child who walks through the doors.