NJEA endorses Phil Murphy in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary

The New Jersey Education Association’s 125-member political action committee (NJEA PAC) today unanimously endorsed Ambassador Phil Murphy for the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary.

“Ambassador Phil Murphy’s pro-public education stance is in line with NJEA members’ values,” said NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer. “From high-stakes testing to college affordability to school funding, Murphy has a clear, well-thought out plan that prioritizes education and the needs of the school employees who have made New Jersey’s public schools a global leader.” Phil Murphy in his own words

“Our members are passionate about public education, but they also need candidates who support their economic interests,” said NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan. “Ambassador Murphy will help all working families. That’s what New Jersey desperately needs: a governor who puts middle-class families ahead of millionaires and corporations.”

“Ambassador Murphy understands that education is only successful with local input and engagement,” said NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Sean M. Spiller. “He supports efforts to return control of education policy to local school boards and communities, and he rejects the idea that unfettered, unaccountable charter schools can solve the educational challenges that we must address.”

“New Jersey’s educators deserve a governor who will treat them with respect and who will honor the work they do in our schools and communities,” said Ambassador Murphy. “As a product of public schools and the brother of a public school teacher, I am proud and deeply humbled to have earned their support and endorsement. Creating the educated workforce we will need to grow our economy and create new opportunities begins with our schools. From ensuring our schools are properly funded, to living up to the state’s promises of a secure retirement and affordable healthcare, my administration will work in partnership, and with transparency and openness.”

Murphy has previously served as ambassador to Germany under President Barack Obama and was the chair of New Way for New Jersey, a progressive organization. He is on the national board of the NAACP.

The NJEA PAC voted to endorse Murphy based on his responses to a questionnaire and an interview with the gubernatorial primary election screening committee.

Today’s endorsement is the culmination of a months-long process that began in August when the PAC Board of Trustees took the unprecedented step to authorize a screening process in gubernatorial and legislative primary races.

At a later date, NJEA will conduct a similar process for the Republican gubernatorial candidates.

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