Statewide Assessment – Facts & Actions

Over the past two years, Statewide standardized assessment in New Jersey has been in a constant state of flux. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) and State Board of Education (SBOE) have renamed the PARCC assessment as the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA), however the test and its consequences for students, districts and educators are very much ever-present.

Parents, students, and educators across the state have continuously shared their voices, hopes, and perspectives on the future of assessment with legislators, SBOE members, and the NJDOE. Common concerns with the PARCC/NJSLA include the damaging impact high-stakes assessments have on student mental health, the immense amount of time PARCC/NJSLA testing and test-prep rob from true teaching and learning, and the extraordinary financial strain the assessments put on our state at a time when countless districts are dangerously underfunded.

Please find resource links for local Boards of Education, NJEA members, parents. Included in these resources you will find:

  • A Model School Board Resolution that can be customized to fit your local context
  • Fact Check on Statewide Assessment – FAQs & Common Misconceptions
  • Flowcharts depicting student pathways to graduation under the NJDOE’s proposed regulations and what could happen if bills S-3381 and A-4957 are voted upon and signed into law
  • PARCC/NJSLA Journey Maps depicting the lived experiences of students, parents, and educators before, during, and after testing timeframes in a given school year

We sincerely thank you for your voices, advocacy, and tireless commitment to the students, families, and educators of the state of New Jersey. Should you have any questions, please reach out to

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