The Race and Ethnicity Podcast Program

Somerset County educator Bob Fenster, from Hillsborough Township Public Schools, was awarded a $3,833 Frederick L. Hipp grant to carry out a project at Hillsborough High School in Hillsborough.

The grant will be used to help students conceive, write, and produce podcasts about the broad theme of race and ethnicity in the United States. The project will be both curricular-based as part of Mr. Fenster’s social studies classes and available to interested students in a new extracurricular activity. The students will be focusing on topics of personal interest to them whether related to the local community, the state, or the country.

The ultimate tangible goal of the project is to create high quality podcasts that can compete with professional quality programming in both content and audio quality. In addition, participating students will learn an array of 21st century skills as they create their educational podcasts that will be posted online for members of the public, local or otherwise, to hear.

For more information, contact:

Bob Fenster, Project Coordinator
908-431-6600 x2047 (School)