Understanding Privatization Resources

Meet Buzz!

Buzz is the official ESP mascot. This popular character represents the hard work and irreplaceable value ESP members bring to New Jersey’s public schools and appears at various NJEA functions throughout the year.


“Bee” an advocate!

The privatization of school employees is a tricky topic to explain. That’s why NJEA created “A Honey of a Problem: The Sting of Privatization.” This short, animated feature is a clever way to begin the conversation about the unintended consequences of firing ESPs. Want to share this story during your next community event? Now you can! Reach out to your local field rep to order copies of the book version of this tale to distribute to parents and board members to open the lines of communication and foster understanding .

Spot the warning signs!

Hearing rumors that your district is thinking of subcontracting? Looking to stop privatization before it even begins? Download the flier for warning signs to watch out for.