Women’s History Month 2021: Resources for Rebel Girls

By Sarah Reichenbecher, English teacher at Colts Neck High School, President of Freehold Regional HS Education Association, and the Monmouth County representative for the NJEA Women in Education Committee.

March, traditionally, is the month where history and herstory collide.   In the thirty-one days following Black History Month and preceding (among other things) National Poetry Month, we dedicate time to celebrate the contributions and experiences of women throughout the world.  While it is always positive to bring attention to the story of women in a dedicated fashion, it’s equally important to highlight women throughout our school year and find ways to bring their voices and experiences alive to our students.

One of my favorite resources – both as a mother and educator – is the Rebel Coalition, a “global, multi-platform entertainment brand dedicated to inspiring and instilling confidence in a generation of girls around the world.”  The books highlight the stories of pirates, labor activists, athletes, political figures, scientists, and artists just to name a few.   The podcasts, activities, and content at rebelgirls.com, provide educators with FREE resources to enrich almost any course of study regardless of grade level or student experience.

The activities include beautiful graphics and thoughtfully designed lessons that include coding, journaling, and drawing.  The podcasts are an excellent option for digital learners to expand upon delivered content or as a way to independently explore “the spectrum of female experience.”   

The NJEA Women in Education Committee invites you to learn more about these and other issues, as well as the positive steps you can take to create a safer place for the female population, by representing your county at our meetings. Learn more about the committee.