3rd Grade Architects Design and Build Models to Solve Math Problems

Hamilton Township third-grade students in Mercer County will learn math skills using manipulatives that will be purchased with a $2,031 grant awarded to educators Miriam Clark and Katie Whitley.

Materials such as wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, trundle wheels, yard sticks, etc., will be used to model math problem-solving strategies using the math manipulatives.

Lessons will have several components that the students will follow, including sketching and writing a brief description of how they would solve the problem. Students will self-assess to determine if the solution/model addresses the problem, and will have the opportunity to reflect and revise their solution/model.

Using manipulatives challenges students to solve problems and acquire real-world skills. There could be as many different solution models as there are students in the class. Students will develop an understanding of problems and develop problem-solving skills. A guest architect will be invited to make a presentation on how he/she uses math manipulatives to solve “real world” problems.

The 3rd Grade Architects Design materials will become permanent resources for the third-grade math program. The use of manipulatives to solve math problems will be a model for math programs in the school and district. Clark and Whitley will present a math workshop/Professional Development opportunity to staff about the success and challenges of using manipulatives in the math classroom.

For more information, contact:

Miriam Clark, Project Coordinator
(609) 631-4151 (school)