Center for Honesty Office Hours Support

NJEA Center for Honesty leaders are here to support you when creating and organizing your local Honesty in Education Team. In addition to the resources posted on our website, we are hosting monthly Office Hours Zoom meetings to provide mini-trainings and create spaces for you to meet leaders from other districts and learn from their experiences. Honesty in Education leaders are required to attend at least one of these meetings, but we encourage you to add the dates to your calendar and join us for as many meetings as you can. We’re up against an organized effort to undermine public education, and sticking together is the best way to counteract their campaign.

Office Hour Zooms are open to Honesty in Education team members only, and all meetings require pre-registration. If you haven’t joined an Honesty in Education team yet, visit and sign up using the form. Remember that you will need the approval of your local association president or an NJEA staff member to join the team.

Upcoming Office Hour Zooms

April 27, 2023
May 25, 2023
June 29, 2023