Google and you: Free stuff to make your job easier

By the NJEA Technology Committee

Google Suite for Education has evolved over the years and even its name has changed: G Suite for Education is now Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals. This multilevel platform creates endless possibilities across the board for all educators, from organizing emails, creating folders for notes, to staying on top of your calendar events or scheduling meetings and more.  

In this article we provide teachers, educational support professionals (ESPs) and nonclassroom professionals with a guide on how they can use Google and other related programs effectively.  

All items listed are free unless otherwise noted. 


Canva is a graphic design web-based program that helps users to design presentations, flyers and much more with various layouts, images, photo filters, shapes and fonts. This program works well with Google Classroom. (Free but offers additional features for a fee.)  

CloudConvert is an online file converter. This program supports audio, video, document, eBook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. It is free for up to 25 conversions per day. This extension is located in the Google Marketplace. 

Video Dictionary  
Video Dictionary is an app that allows users to perform quick searches, watch videos and movies, and listen to songs on the Chrome browser. It helps you find a video you’re looking for from its seemingly endless video library. This extension is located in the Google Marketplace.  

Microsoft Teams Meetings 
Schedule Microsoft Teams Meetings directly from Google Workspace. Team meetings include video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, meeting chat, digital whiteboards and more. Stay connected and organized to get more done together across work, school and life with Microsoft Teams meetings. This extension is located in the Google Marketplace. 

Koalendar allows you to schedule your appointments faster and there is no need for email communication for appointments. Your calendar stays full and you stay productive. This extension is located in the Google Marketplace.   

Mote allows integrations with Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals that allow for verbal feedback or verbal responses. This tool is great for language arts teachers who provide feedback on essays.   

IT, secretaries, clerical aides 

Google mail merge  
Many districts produce a large quantity of printed and mailed information for the community as well as certificates for programs such as student of the month and honor roll. Using a mail merge, office staff can simplify the process for printing awards each month or create new ones in Google Slides. Google mail merge takes only five minutes to learn. Perform mass mailing and/or send mass emails.  

Google Drive  
Google Drive is a great tool for collaboration, creating folders for school documents, managing labels and for keeping things organized.  

Foxy Labels 
Foxy Labels helps you design and print aligned labels, merge data from Google Sheets, customize labels using fonts and colors, insert images, create QR and barcodes and design each label individually. These templates are compatible with Avery® labels. This extension is located in the Google Marketplace.  

Maintenance is web-based diagram editor, built around Google Drive, that enables users  to create flowcharts, UML, entity relation, network diagrams, mockups and more. Data is stored only in Google Drive. This extension is located in the Google Marketplace. 

Custodial Staff  
As we embrace new protocols for cleaning, it is important that we reach the people who apply and use these chemicals in buildings. Use Google Forms to develop a survey of what is working and what is not along with providing the ability to voice one’s concerns in a one-stop shop. Located in Google Drive. 

Bus Drivers 

Google Maps  
Google Maps is a great tool for bus drivers to customize routes for pickups and drop offs, or for finding alternate routes as needed. The ability to save areas of interest in folders is a helpful addition. The Street View option allows you to select a street area to view the location before arriving.  

Paraprofessionals/teacher aides/instructional aides 

Google Slides  
In Google Slides, you can create checklists for the students. Additionally, you can keep track of attendance, lunch, breakfast, snack packs or any other items. These can also be made using Google Docs.  

Security Guards 
Use Google Forms to keep track of staff vehicles, license plate numbers, permit numbers and more for parking on district grounds. It’s great resource when a vehicle needs to be moved or is damaged. This will allow for the data listed on the Google Form to be converted into a Google Sheet as a reference tool. 

Guidance counselors/child study team /nurses 

Google Drive  
Google Drive applications can help you organize and identify important files quickly. The ability to edit and create reference guides is made easier when folders are color coded and accessible for students and staff needs.  

Lunch aides 

QR Codes  
Generating a QR Code that can be stored in Google Drive is useful for students to scan in for attendance and to use the restroom during lunch time. A QR code can also be used for students and staff to scan to keep track of the lunch menu.

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is constantly updated with new features to streamline and become more of an efficient tool for staff and students. Visit stay up to date on new and upcoming features on the platform.  

NJEA Tech Talk 
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