Governor signs FY 2025 budget

Gov. Phil Murphy has signed a budget for the 2025 fiscal year that includes full funding for SFRA and full funding of the state’s pension obligations. The budget also includes a last-minute addition of $20 million for county college funding, restoring that funding to last year’s levels, as well as critical funding for the New Jersey School of Conservation and continued funding to address educator retention and recruitment through climate and culture grants for schools and student teaching stipends.

NJEA’s officers, President Sean M. Spiller, Vice President Steve Beatty and Secretary-Treasurer Petal Robertson, released this statement.

“We commend Gov. Murphy, Senate President Scutari, Assembly Speaker Coughlin and other legislators for another progressive, family-focused budget that highlights New Jersey’s commitment to remaining a great place to raise a family and educate children. By fully funding SFRA – for the first time ever – this budget sends a strong message that children remain our top priority. While there is always more work to do when it comes to investing in our students’ success, this is an important milestone for our state.

“Additionally, New Jersey’s ongoing commitment to fiscally responsible pension funding, after decades of neglect, sends a strong message to educators across New Jersey that our work is valued and that the state intends to keep its pension promises. We are pleased to see that commitment remain strong and look forward to working with Gov. Murphy and legislative leaders to further strengthen our pension system by making it fairer and more secure for all public employees.

“We also applaud the inclusion of an additional $20 million for county college funding. That restores the amount provided last year and provides critical support to those colleges, which serve as a critical stepping stone into careers or further education for so many New Jersey families.

“Likewise, we are pleased to see that the state will provide necessary support to keep the School of Conservation open, providing students with a vital resource for learning about the world we live in and how to help protect and preserve it.

“Every budget is a statement of values. This budget shows that New Jersey values public education, working families and the hope of a brighter and more secure future for all.”