By Dorothy Wigmore  “NJEA members have a legal right to safe and healthful working conditions. Your employer, the board of education, is responsible for ensuring that school employees and students
By Dorothy Wigmore  Plug and go! Electric buses are coming to New Jersey schools. It’s part of an international movement to take diesel vehicles off the road, following campaigns by
Yet school bus drivers have no place to go  By Dorothy Wigmore  Imagine a job where you aren’t sure if or when you can use a bathroom. Where you have
By Dorothy Wigmore  Librarians or administrative staff working during the summer, the state of a classroom in September, and building repairs during the school year are all situations posing construction-related
By Dorothy Wigmore It usually happens between school years. Too often, school staff and students pay a price when it’s not done properly. “It” is the construction, demolition or renovation
Health survey time! By Dorothy Wigmore  The return to school after summer break is a great time to get a handle on job-related hazards that may affect members’ health—and start
By Dorothy Wigmore  How does noise affect us?   Like stress, loud noise increases blood pressure, leading to heart-related problems. It also can cause endocrine disruption (another route to cardiovascular
Keeping on keeping on despite pandemic times  By Dorothy Wigmore  Mold in the ceiling? Expected to use toxic chemicals, especially without training or protective gear? Dealing with poor ventilation and
Prevention must go further too  By Dorothy Wigmore  In late January, Morris Knolls High School got a scare. A student brought a device resembling a 9-mm gun to school. It
Dealing with cold stress – inside and outside  By Dorothy Wigmore  Temperatures hover near freezing during the day and below it at night. Snowstorms are predicted. Or maybe it’s freezing