Inspection suggestions

Below are examples of checklist questions for inspection that can be modified to suit your school.

Classrooms and other rooms

  • Are the Univents working properly (providing adequate airflow, intake of outside air and heat)?
  • Are Univents clean and free of debris and other objects?
  • Are they noisy?
  • If there is a building-wide ventilation system, and is it providing adequate airflow and heat?
  • If windows are meant to open, can they be opened?
  • Are there insect or rodent infestations?
  • Are there wet ceiling panels or areas of fl oors or walls that need to be replaced?
  • Are chairs, desks and tables in good repair?
  • Are drawers, cabinets and closet doors in working order?
  • Is lighting adequate for tasks?
  • Are there old or flickering fluorescent bulbs that should be replaced?

Laboratories and chemical storage areas

  • Is laboratory equipment in good repair?
  • Are chemical fume hoods operational?
  • Are chemical storage cabinets in good repair and able to be locked?
  • Are there old and unnecessary chemicals stored in the laboratory?


  • Is office equipment in the same room as staff members? Does it generate odors? chemicals?  Heat?
  • Are computer workstations and chairs in good repair?
  • Are computers situated so as to minimize glare in the operator’s eyes, and reflections on the screen?
  • Are large capacity copiers vented to the outside of the building?


  • Are cooking and dishwashing equipment in good repair?
  • Is plumbing working?
  • Is floor matting in good repair?


  • Is playground equipment in good repair?
  • Is asphalt or other ground material in good repair to prevent trips and falls?


  • Are showers in good working order?
  • Are all faucets working? Do they leak?
  • Are lockers in good working order?


  • Do all toilets flush?
  • Are sinks clogged?
  • Are all faucets working? Do they leak?