On Nov. 6, Americans will go to the polls to elect their representatives to the United States Congress. New Jersey voters will elect 12 members to the House of Representatives
and one U.S. senator. NJEA and NEA have endorsed candidates in 10 congressional districts.

New Jersey voters in four legislative districts (LD) will vote to fill open seats in the state Legislature.

Each candidate was screened in his or her congressional district (CD) or legislative district (LD) by a committee of NJEA members who analyzed their responses in
an interview and on a written questionnaire. For incumbents, their voting records were reviewed by the committee.

The committee’s recommendations were submitted to the NJEA PAC Operating Committee for consideration. NJEA PAC’s recommendations for the U.S. House of Representative and U.S. Senate were then sent to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education for final endorsement. Endorsed candidates were invited to submit a brief statement for publication in the NJEA Review.

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