Our Sustainable Selves: Let’s Get Cooking!

Camden County educator Amanda Thistle-Natalie from Pine Hill School District, was awarded a $6,860 grant to carry out a project at Pine Hill Middle School in Pine Hill.  

Students in our district are products of poor food choices through no fault of their own. As a community, they prefer less nutritious “fast foods” because they are readily accessible and cheap.

Through this grant we hope to show students and the community how to prepare and cook healthy foods for themselves and families from their home gardens and community gardens. Most of our students assume that salads are the only thing that can be made with vegetables from their gardens, but that is not the case.

Currently the school has an aquaponics system, hydroponics system, aeroponic vertical garden tower, and a traditional garden that will supply some of the fresh fruits and vegetables we plan to use during the food preparation activities.

Students will learn the fundamentals of cooking; increase confidence in making healthy food choices; recognize that healthy eating can be low cost, simple and flavorful; understand the health benefits of healthy eating and cooking; and create social connections around food. Students will learn from a guest chef and recreate meals to serve their families. Students will create a book of recipes that will be shared with their peers.

For more information, contact:

Amanda Thistle-Natalie, Project Coordinator
(609) 805-1898 (home)