Spiller’s fight for equity recognized by NAACP

The New Jersey State Conference of the NAACP hosted its 2022 Annual State Convention from Oct. 21-23 in Princeton, New Jersey. The conference focused on the theme of, “This is Power” specifically addressing the systemic racial disparities affecting Black New Jerseyeans. During the conference, NJEA President Sean M. Spiller was honored with the NAACP Torch Bearer Award.

Spiller was recognized for his contributions to the on-going campaign for equity, equality and protecting the civil rights of all people. His advocacy, on many different levels, has been instrumental in strategizing around current issues impacting our communities and seeking resolution to some of the most important problems facing people of color today.

“My commitment to this work is unwavering and I cannot be deterred when we have so much at stake,” said Spiller. “We need to use our power, use it for good, use it to fight for equity and equality, use it to ensure that our children are given better opportunities. We must also harness our power, together in a collective action to address the systemic disparities that affect people of color, both in New Jersey and our nation.”