Your Local Needs a Local Evaluation Committee

A Local Evaluation Committee (LEC) is an essential committee that all locals need to create.

The committee will assist members by empowering them to take the driver’s seat when it comes to their evaluations, rather than having the members being taken for a ride.

The LEC consists of two teams. The first team is the Rebuttal/Response/Record Writing Team. From this day forward, all public school teachers must put their voices on record and respond to every evaluation. The observations that administrators complete is only one half of the story. The teacher’s response is the other half. These two halves need to come together to create a complete picture of what really takes place in the classroom. If the teacher does not add his or her response, then only half of the story is being told. This response is the only way to put the teacher’s voice on record. The response could be as simple as, “Thank you for coming in, I am glad you enjoyed my lesson,” or it could be more in-depth to correct anything that was misunderstood by the administrator.

The second part of the LEC is the Data Collection Team. This team will set up a Google Doc Form to collect observations from each member. The team will then analyze the data to look for three key components:

Domain Experts:
These experts are teachers who are scoring threes and fours on their observations in specific domains. We will use these experts to assist other teachers who are struggling in that same domain. The experts will share what they are doing in their classrooms in order to receive good scores and help the struggling teachers improve their practice.

Administrator Trends:
The data team will find the trends of each administrator in regards to how he or she scores observations. These trends will be used to create a scouting report on each administrator. The data team will provide each teacher with the scouting report, and each teacher will then know what every administrator is looking for before they ever enter his or her classroom.

Procedural Errors:
The data team will track all procedural errors that are occurring within the district. If a district should ever file tenure charges for inefficiency based on a member’s observation, these procedural errors could be used during the arbitration as evidence.

So, if you love to write, blog, or journal, we need you on the Response Team. If you are a “Google Geek” and have an analytical mind, we need you for our Data Team.

Now is the time to get a Local Evaluation Committee started! If your local does not have one, cut something out of your responsibilities so you can.

It’s that important!